My name is Marvin D Wilson, good friends and business associate with Billy C Lonas. A couple years ago, Billy suggested we go into some business ventures together. I knew Billy (from past interactions with him) to be a very creative person, and his business ideas were compelling enough to inspire me to move down from Michigan to North Carolina and work together with him. One of his desired ventures was to do a high quality studio recording of 12 songs he had written. We started some other enterprises first and, although I had given a cursory listen to his songs, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to them, being very busy with my time in the other interests. 

Then, one day, about a year after forming our business relationship, I decided to take a better look and listen to his songs. I was totally inspired and impressed this time, because I really listened to the words. Sure, the melodies were very nice, and the chord progressions well arranged, but—it was the words, the meanings in the songs that touched me deeply. We decided to bring the music business venture to the forefront of our enterprising efforts and, thus, Billy and the Backwoods Bad Boys were born. 

I have been a lifelong professional musician, proficient on several instruments, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and, while not as “proficient” on keyboards, capable enough to lay down keyboard tracks on traditional country music songs. I also sing well, so we went into the studio (AudioFarm Studio, here in Goldsboro, NC, with sound-master Mike Rose) and we recorded his songs with me playing almost all the musical tracks and providing background vocals, while Billy sang the lead vocals. We brought in guest musicians to play drums, steel guitar, mandolin and dobro. This region of the country is rich with excellent, professional musicians specializing in country music, and our first CD, “Road of Understanding”, came out, in my humble opinion, as a wonderful work of musical art. 

So, in all honesty and transparency, Billy and the Backwoods Bad Boys, as of this writing, is really just two guys with some talents and a love of country music: Billy and me. But stay tuned, and revisit this page often, because we are just getting started. We will be forming a full band of 5 or 6 musicians in the near future, and there is a LOT more music coming, too! 

Please, if you like what you hear on our first CD offering, purchase a copy, buy some of our merch, spread the word throughout your own personal and social circles, and help us raise funds to keep recording and to get the whole band filled out with full-time, top notch professional musicians. We are fully intent on taking our musical show on the road, and one day coming to your town to entertain you in concert with good “old school” down home country music that touches and inspires the heart!