My name is Billy C Lonas. I was born in a small town in northern Virginia in 1953. I was raised with a meager childhood. My father was an alcoholic, and by my sixteenth birthday we had moved eleven times. One year I attended three different schools. Other than my mother, the only positive thing in my life was the music she listened to on her record player. At the time I had no idea what an effect those old songs would prove to have in my future life. 

I left home at the age of sixteen and began my own life’s journey. As I grew, I began to realize the messages contained in those old songs were events that had happened to those singers and that they were, in fact, trying to help people to understand what had happened in their lives. I had always loved to sing along with the songs my mother played, but I had never considered writing songs as a child. 

At the age of thirty two, I was going through my second divorce. My second wife happened to be a woman who had also been my childhood sweetheart. From early on in life, I had never considered myself to have any value. However, when I reconnected with my sweetheart from years gone by, I felt that if I could just get back to having her in my life, things would be great. But life often has a way of showing us that perhaps what we thought was best, wasn’t. She left me, and I was heartbroken. 

That was when, in 1985, that I sat down and wrote my first song. I called it “Prison of My Mind”. It was then that I understood I was causing my own problems. That song released me from a prison I had created. No one was keeping me there but me! 

Since that time, I’ve gone on to write over one hundred twenty five songs, composing the lyrics and melodies. I continue to write what I call “old school” country songs.  Songs that have a message in them—if one is willing to listen to the words. I also have, to date, written two books and am working on my third. 

It is my hope that you may find—and really hear and understand—the messages in my songs, and that perhaps one or more of them may help you on your life’s journey.